December 2017

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“Historic Christmas Food for Thought” a Victorian Christmas


We had a great turnout for a lovely winter day at the Homestead. We featured Clarissa Lynch, a 19th century food historian and cook, who cooked “meagre” soup, roast pork and a real fruit cake over an “open pit” fire to show cooking techniques from the 1800’s. Clarissa has a magnetic personality and everyone enjoyed the know-how and stories from Clarissa and her heritage. She has a great cookbook, too! She will be at the Homestead for a spring menu on Saturday, April 7. You don’t want to miss Clarissa!

We provided cotton from our cotton patch and other natural woodsy items for impromptu ornament makings. Cotton boll angels, corn husk angels, and a variety of pinecone wreaths will be adorning many a Christmas tree in the nearby communities. We were lucky to have some awesome volunteers from Russell Middle School—Ella Ramsell, with her sister, Chloe, and Samantha Robinson—who helped with this project and received Beta Club Service hours at the Homestead.

Doc was busy in the blacksmith shop with his Christmas Elf-apprentices, making wrought iron creations over the hot forge at the shop. Doc and his helpers are a highlight at the Homestead…their good cheer and historic education delight all ages!

Hank Gallups and Robert Dinwiddie were on hand to talk and demonstrate 18th century times…making a natural timeline of living at the William Harris Homestead on December 16, 2017…two hundred years later. Lanier Wheeler is our butter churning expert and is a favorite of us all. He will be on hand for April and for Heritage Day. Join the Lanier Fan Club!

Lois and Mike Foerster were busy with weaving in the log house, dressed in period handmade clothing by Lois, our textile expert. She teaches knitting, spinning, weaving, tatting classes at the Homestead…always in high demand. We are lucky to have such a great couple as supporters of our mission at the Homestead.

Dixie and Butch, Judy, Janet, Jane, Donna Sue and Dotty rounded out the Victorian Christmas at the Homestead. And always, we love Bo, the Wonder Horse…wonder where he is now…!

We also love our traditional sheep…”Sheep in Heavenly Peace” to wish everyone a wonderful and magical Christmas at home and at the William Harris Homestead!