Cheers to New Beginnings and
Great Adventures in 2021!

Thank You to Our Donors for 2020!

In 2020,  the William Harris Homestead Museum & Education Center was fortunate to have received many donations from supporters as Friends of the Homestead, gifts “in memory of” and “in honor of” loved ones, and In-Kind donations. All donors have received individual letters of thanks for their generosity. For further recognition, the following is a list of contributors for 2020.

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Alender
Mrs. Ann Dangar
Mrs. Eleanor Queen
Mr. and Mrs. Travis RutkiewiczFamily
Anonymous via Facebook
Mrs. Janet Avant
(IMO Shirley Sauls)
Mrs. Nancy Baumgardner
Mrs. Patti Berry
Mrs. Sue Diamond
(IMO Elvy Harris)
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Hale
Mrs. Judy Hardegree
(IMO Shirley Sauls)
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Harrington
Mrs. Judy Hayslett
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Luck
Mr. and Mrs. T. S. McFerrin
Mr. and Mrs. Boyce Norris
Mr. and Mrs. John Perry
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Porter, Jr.
Mr. Robert Sauls
(IMO Shirley Sauls)

Mr. and Mrs. John Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Benowitz
(IMO Mr & Mrs Dan Coker,
Mr & Mrs Wayne Towler)
Ms. Morgan Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Bobo
Ms. Susan Borrelli
(IMO Elvy Harris)
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Everett
Mrs. Susie B Fouts
Mr. Gartrell Garrett
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Hamilton
Ms. Inger Harris
Mr and Mrs. Rufus Harris III
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Hawk
Mrs. Anita Hoffman
(IMO Elvy Harris)

Homestead, continued

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hooper

Mrs. Gail Huie-Smith
Mrs. Shannon Logue
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Nimmons
Dr. and Mrs. George Pabis
Dr. Charles H. Perry, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Rosa
(IMO Elvy Harris)
Mr. and Mrs. Wes Swietek
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Tribble
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Tucker

The Heritage Class
Peachtree Presbyterian Church
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Wyche
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Zazworsky, Sr.
(IMO Elvy Harris)

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Breedlove
(IMO Mildred Huff Breedlove)
Mr. and Mrs. W. Jim Clarke
(IMO Ione Huff Clarke)
Dr. and Mrs. James C. Kincaid
Mrs. Elaine Oakes
TPI Engineered Systems
Mr. and Mrs. John Webb
Mr. and Mrs. Vigil Webb
Mr. and Mrs. Blake Young

Mr. and Mrs. Rob Goudiss
Mr. Harrison Goudiss
Mrs. Adriane Leader
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Miller

Mrs. Vivian Beasley
Ms. Susan Borrelli
Ms. Cate Borrelli
Mr. Stephen Borrelli
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dinwiddie
Mr. and Mrs. Rich Mountain
Mrs. Pam Wakefield
Ms. Candis White
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Zazworsky, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Zazworsky, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert L. Harris, Jr.

Friends of the Homestead Levels
$25.00 +
$40.00 +
$100.00 +
$250.00 +
$500.00 +
$1,000.00 +
$10,000.00 +
We cannot thank you enough for your generous heart and your support of the mission of the William Harris Homestead Museum & Education Center. Your membership helps support us, as we continue to provide meaningful learning programs for adults and children, southern history appreciation events, and a beautiful property for gatherings.You can find out more about  “Friend of the Homestead” by following this link.
A Special Thanks to our Friends and Supporters

The William Harris Homestead Museum & Education Center is an award-winning Georgia landmark. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Homestead features a circa 1825 log house, outbuildings, lush gardens, and stunning landscapes.


William Harris Homestead Museum & Education Center Mission and Vision Statement
Mission (Purpose):
The historic William Harris Homestead Museum & Education Center serves as a cultural and educational center dedicated to the advancement of heritage, agricultural, and environmental scholarship.
Vision (Value):
To preserve an early Georgia homestead, and provide education and insight into its cultural and historic impact.