Heritage Day 2018…200th Grand Jubilee

The William Harris Homestead, in partnership with Walton County’s 2018 Bicentennial celebrated Heritage Day…200th Grand Jubilee on Saturday, October 6, 2018.


In December 1818, Walton County was formed from a sale of land from the Creek Indian Nation. Two hundred years have flown by! It is time to say “Happy Birthday” to celebrate generations of Waltonians, who have lived and loved, worked, raised families, fought in wars, and buried their loved ones. This year-long celebration will include many aspects of our history, and we are excited that the William harries Homestead has been asked to focus on the 18th and 19th centuries’ cultural, environmental, and agricultural heritage.

Highlighting northeast Georgia history, Heritage Day emphasized the Native American culture with dancers and reenactors from the Creek and Cherokee nations. We commemorated the early Georgia Militia; war veterans from conflicts throughout the 18th and 19th centuries; the Civil War; and celebrate farming practices in the 1800’s, with an emphasis on cotton production. Civilian reenactors portrayed everyday living in the 1800’s’. Blacksmithing, textile production, and other crafts were demonstrated. There were 19th century children’s games and activities, great music and delicious food to complete Heritage Day…200th Grand Jubilee!

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