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Let Us Keep You In Stitches


Stop by Colonial Frontier Day on Saturday, November 10th from 10 am – 4 pm and We’ll keep you in stitches while you help us complete the Bicentennial quilt for Walton County!

Colonial Georgia Frontier Day


The Smell of open fire cooking and bread making will be in the air as Hank Gallups shows how to make lead bullets over a camp fire started with Flint and Steel. Other members of The Georgia Colonial Education Team will be on hand to demonstrate early settlers skills needed to survive in the wilderness of Colonial Georgia.


Everbody’s Talking About Heritage Day!


Dixie, Miss Dotty, and Jim Bryant at WJBB on Tuesday morning


Everyone is talking about Heritage Day, even on the radio, on the airwaves!  Jim Bryant is a true friend of the William Harris Homestead and will be an important part of Heritage Day…200th Grand Jubilee. He will be portraying Frederick Douglas, as we present a day of 18th and 19th century history at the Homestead.



Visiting for Heritage Day?




For our out of town visitors, the Holiday Inn Express on Hwy 316,  is holding a few rooms for WHH for Friday, October 5 and Saturday, October 6.

Holiday Inn Express, is located at 775 Exchange Circle, Bethlehem, GA.  Their direct number is 470-429-5907.  Guests should call to book rooms. Be sure to ask to reserve a room(s) under block name WHH.  One can also use the name Dixie Gallups or the William Harris Homestead.


Dye Gardening



This year, The William Harris Homestead decided to try its hand at producing a dye garden…and the results are starting to come in! Last week volunteers harvested over thirty ounces of plant material to use to demonstrate the dyeing process at Heritage Day…200th Grand Jubilee on October 6. The zinnias, coreopsis, and dyers chamomile will all produce yellows, while the purple basil will yield a blueish purple dye.

Come check out our homegrown dyes, learn more about the process, and see our “From Fiber to Fabric” exhibit on October 6 from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. at Heritage Day!


Heritage Day…200th Grand Jubilee Bicentennial


Mark your calendars now! You don’t want to miss the Grand Jubilee!


Restoring Tools


We are busy working on a project to clean and restore all of the old tools in the Antique Tool Shed at WHH. Many of these farm tools and machines have been lovingly donated by Harris descendants, who cherished the memories of loved ones who had used so many of these implements for their livelihood. Butch Dover, Farm Manager, also contributed many “found” treasures from the farmland and saw their value for the future. We continue with this project throughout the week! Thanks to Kevin Hooper, Jane Harrison, Judy Hardegree, Janet Avant, Dotty Zazworsky, and Dixie Gallups.


Construction Week!


It’s construction week at The William Harris Homestead! We are completing two major projects at the Pavilion this week. The first is installing weatherproof vinyl curtains. Now you can rent The William Harris Homestead into the fall and winter months without fear of cold temperatures or rain!

Our second project is creating a stone patio in front of the Pavilion. The stone patio will be perfect for enjoying the musical entertainment (or doing a little jig!) at Heritage Day and at other events. We can’t wait to see you boogie on down to The William Harris Homestead to check out our exciting new additions!


Save the Date!


Blacksmith Day and Homestead Happenings


Blacksmith Day featuring Doc Watson

Saturday April 7,  10:00 am – 4:00 pm

The magical aroma of coal burning in the forge will be in the air as winter gives way to spring. Learn how important the blacksmith was to the early settlers. As you walk back through time, see how clothes were washed, soap was made and meals were prepared over an open fire using the many tools and implements fashioned from the forge by the local blacksmith.

The Georgia Colonial Educational Team Featuring
Black Powder Bob
Doc, The Blacksmith
Kat, The Baker
Backwoods Butch
Spinning Wheel Lois
Tomahawk Hank
Scottish Lady Arlene
Gary Spotted Wolf
Mama Spotted Wolf
Flint Knapper Drew
Musket Maker Gordon
Lanier Wheeler and Churns
Soap Maker Nicole
Mud River Mike

Hayride at 1:00 pm

“Heaven’s Bounty” Will be selling their famous Bar-B-Que and hotdogs, or you can bring and enjoy your own picnic on the grounds.

100% of admission sales goes directly to the William Harris Homestead
Adults/Children over 12 $6.00 Under 5 FREE Seniors/Children 5-12 $5.00

Any person wearing Frontier Attire gets FREE ADMISSION!

The Spring Fieldtrip Season Got Off To A Cold Start, But The Children Loved It Nonetheless!

It’s that time of year again!

The William Harris Homestead’s field trip program, A Day in the 19th Century, kicked off the spring field trip season earlier this month. We’re looking forward to hosting school children from all over Atlanta and metro-Atlanta from now through May.

Look what we dug up at the Homestead…a community garden!

Emile Trahon is a Walton County Master Gardener Trainee. He and other Master Gardeners are installing a Homestead Heritage garden as a community project to help Walton County families in need.

Emile is pictured here with Dixie and Miss Dotty.

A Grand Jubilee

The William Harris Homestead, in partnership with Walton County’s 2018 Bicentennial celebration is planning Heritage Day…200th Grand Jubilee on Saturday, October 6, 2018, from 9 am to 4 pm.   In December 1818, Walton County was formed from a sale of land from the Creek Indian Nation.  Two hundred years have flown by!  It is time to say “Happy Birthday” to celebrate generations of Waltonians, who have lived and loved, worked, raised families, fought in wars, and buried their loved ones.  This year-long celebration will include many aspects of our history, and we are excited that the William Harris Homestead has been asked to focus on the18th and 19th centuries’ cultural, environmental, and agricultural heritage.

Highlighting northeast Georgia history, Heritage Day will emphasize Native American culture with dancers and reenactors from the Creek and Cherokee nations.   We plan to commemorate the early Georgia Militia; war veterans from conflicts throughout the 18th and 19th centuries; the Civil War; and celebrate farming practices in the 1800’s, with an emphasis on cotton production.  Civilian reenactors will portray everyday living in the 1800’s’.  Blacksmithing, textile production, and other craft demonstrations will be on hand.  There will be 19th century children’s games and activities, great music and delicious food to complete Heritage Day…200th Grand Jubilee!

Pledge your support as a sponsor and become a part of Heritage Day…200th Grand Jubilee!

Are you or your business interested in becoming a part of the bicentennial celebrations at the William Harris Homestead this fall? If so, please consider becoming a sponsor for this wonderful event and fundraiser! Sponsors are an invaluable part of Heritage Day and allow businesess and members of the community to participate in underwriting and sponosring some of the major expenses of the event. Sponsors may pick their favorite sponsorship venue, such as “Georgia Native American displays and reenactments of cultural history” or “19th century farming practices.” Sponsors may also choose to support the Heritage Day…200th Grand Jubilee at a variety of levels. A Heritage Day sponsorship is a great way to show community support and promote a business! All contributions to Heritage Day are tax-deductible. For more information, call (770) 267 – 5844 or email Dixie Gallups at

Sponsorship form and information available by accessing following link-